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Spring 2023 Legislative Recap

May 23, 2023 in Climate Change, Comprehensive Plan & Growth Management Act, Housing & Transportation, Position Statements & Policy Recommendations

Two bills that our friends at Futurewise were championing this year passed, hurray!

  • HB 1181 was signed into law, adding climate change considerations into the Growth Management Act (GMA). This requires Comprehensive Plans to include considerations both for Climate resilience (think wildfires, flooding, heat, sea level rise…) and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and Vehicle Miles Traveled. It also directs various state agencies to address these issues as well.
  • HB 1110 is aimed at increasing middle housing. It will allow fourplexes and duplexes in most neighborhoods in most cities.

Unfortunately, HB 1517 – Transit Oriented Development – never made it out of committee.

The legislative process and the road to passage for any bills is long and arduous. A lot of calls and letters made passage of the 2 bills possible! Thank you to all who helped out. And for bills that didn’t make it this time, we know that sometimes it takes a few tries. Let’s hope 1517 does better next session!

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