Farmland & Forests

“Study nature.  Love nature.  Stay close to nature.

It will never fail you.”

– Frank Lloyd Wright, Architect


Preserving our Local Farmland and Forests

Preserving the heritage of our rich farmland and forests here in Clark County is critical to our mission at Friends of Clark County. Given the uncertain nature of our global circumstances, protecting an ample supply of prime farm and forest lands is of paramount importance.

Farm and forest land is the fundamental ingredient needed to support rural-based economies that provide us with a supply of local, fresh, nourishing food; healthy fisheries; productive timber and create fabulous recreational opportunities.

Farmland and Forests

In the face of rapid and unchecked urbanization, we believe it is essential to conserve, protect and enhance Clark County’s farm and forest lands for all of the many benefits that these lands provide.  We understand they are an important legacy that enrich our lives today and must be protected so that future generations can share in their bounty.

Additionally, protection of these working lands provide opportunities for land owner stewardship and community collaborations to enhance the quality of our environment to improve the air we breath, provide clean water and protect water supplies, recover and protect habitat for fish and wildlife, create stunning rural landscapes and enhance our sense of community and quality of life.

Farmland and Forests

Protecting an ample supply of prime farm and forest lands that are put to environmentally compatible uses will increase our overall resilience and adaptability in the face of changing and uncertain conditions.

Given all of these benefits we derive from farm and forest lands, it is imperative that community planning foster land use patterns that discourage incompatible uses on farm and forest lands and foster flourishing rural economies.

We are pleased to share Protecting Farmland: an Introductory Review of Select Strategies. Just published, this scholarly paper describes and analyzes select programs and policies that can help preserve and protect farmland in Clark County. We have honed in on a few strategies that have been successfully implemented in other regions and some that could be strengthened here in Clark County.

GMA Goal (2) Reduce sprawl. Reduce the inappropriate conversion of undeveloped land into sprawling, low-density development.

GMA Goal (8) Natural Resource Industries. Maintain and enhance natural resource-based industries, including productive timber, agricultural, and fisheries industries. Encourage the conservation of productive forestlands and productive agricultural lands, and discourage incompatible uses.

GMA Goal (10) Environment. Protect the environment and enhance the state’s high quality of life, including air and water quality, and the availability of water. 


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