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Consolidated Report: Chelatchie Bluff Mine and Surrounding Industrial Plan

April 3, 2024 in Accountability, Comprehensive Plan & Growth Management Act, Farmland & Forests, Mining, Parks, Trails, & Open Spaces, Position Statements & Policy Recommendations, Railroad, Rivers, Lakes & Aquifers, Wildlife Habitats

Over the past 18 months, experts in the fields of hydrology, fish and wildlife, forestry, geology, and hydraulic engineering have collaborated to consolidate a report on the proposed surface mining on Chelatchie Bluff and the surrounding areas. The author and contributors conclude that should the Chelatchie Bluff mine be able to expand, it would mean “turning paradise into an industrial dust bowl while destroying the water supply for Clark County, impacting endangered species, and destroying a community.” This 25 page report provides a comprehensive and data-backed argument for why surface mining on Chelatchie Bluff and the surrounding areas is not aligned with the goals set out by the Growth management Act and for livability in Clark County.

You can read the full report here.

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