December 2022 Newsletter | Friends of Clark County in SW Washington
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December 2022 Newsletter

December 2022 Newsletter


December 2022

Friends of Clark County and 2023 
  Ann Foster Co-Vice President

Hello to our Friends, Collaborators, Supporters, Neighbors and Communities throughout Clark County!

2023 will usher in a busy year.  We on the board of Friends of Clark County will have our noses to the ground, closely monitoring Clark County’s efforts at updating a Comprehensive Growth Plan, due in 2025.  This plan impacts every one of us, regardless of where we live in Clark County or one of its cities….and often FOCC needs to call on you for support and participation on impactful decisions being made.

With that in mind, we plan to offer education forums that highlight various aspects of the process so that you can better understand why your involvement is important.

And we plan to work more closely in the coming months with our friends in other non-profits who are in alignment with our values and mission.

We wish you all a successful, healthy, and safe 2023.

Heritage Farm Update 
Jackie Lane, Board Treasurer

There will be a Public Open House for the Heritage Farm Sustainability Plan on December 14th, at 5:00PM, in the Bud Van Cleve Community Room at the Luke Jensen Sports Complex at 4000 NE 78th Street. Click here for more information.

We encourage people to attend this open house and ask questions. Also, at the link above there is a survey we also encourage you to complete.  THANKS!

Friends of Clark County Forums
       Jackie Lane, Board Treasurer

Election season is over and the holidays will be soon as well. Friends of Clark County will resume holding our educational forum series early next year.  Dates to be determined.  The first topic will be a Growth Management/Comprehensive Plan update – what is happening in the County and Cities, what you need to know, and how to get involved.  Watch our newsletter and Facebook page for more info.  

Growth Management Act/Comprehensive Plan Update
       Jackie Lane, Board Treasurer

The County and cities are already knee deep in some of the work they need to do in order to complete their Comprehensive Plan updates. The Growth Management Act (GMA) requires Comp Plans to be reviewed and updated every 8 years, with updates allowed annually.  The next update needs to be submitted by June 30 2025.  
Clark County’s Comp Plan consists of the following elements: 


  • Land Use
  • Housing
  • Capital Facilities and Utilities
  • Rural and Natural Resource
  • Transportation
  • Economic Development
  • Parks, Open Space and Recreation (PROs Plan)


  • Schools
  • Historic Preservation
  • Environmental
  • Community Design
  • Shoreline Master Program
  • Annexation
  • Procedural Guidelines 

The County has not published a schedule for the Comprehensive Plan process.  They have completed the Buildable Lands report which is a predecessor. The Buildable Lands report and to-be-provided State population growth estimates (county gets to pick from low, medium and high estimates of 20 year population growth) will determine to what extent, if any, the Urban Growth Boundaries of the various cities need to expand.  Information about the County Comprehensive Plan can be found here. 

Battle Ground
Kudos to BG for providing good info on what they are doing, and for involving the community in creating a vision that will drive the process.

The other cities have information about planning and current Comp Plans on their web pages but nothing we could find about plans for the upcoming Comp Plan process – starting with how they will engage the community. That said, some have completed their PROS plans (Parks, open space and Recreation).  

Friends of Clark County will be following the Comp Plan processes closely.  Stay tuned for updates and how you can get involved. A Forum on the GMA and Comp Planning is in the works for early 2023!

What’s up at the WA State Legislature this season?  From Futurewise’s legislative update:

  • Middle Housing – Legislation to bring and end to exclusionary zoning by allowing 4-plexes in all areas zoned for detached single family residences, and 6-plexers near transit (within Urban Growth Boundaries – UGAs).  A bill from the last session that did not pass can be found here.
  • Transit Oriented Development (TOD) – Increase zoned capacity around transit and remove parking minimums around transit. 
  • GMA Climate – Requires largest and fastest growing counties (and their cities) to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled through land use planning. Require jurisdictions to plan for resiliency and address the impacts of Climate Change.  

Click here to follow Futurewise and support their legislative agenda.

For the patient and curious, all GMA-related bills from last session (most of which got nowhere) can be found here.

Lastly, you can find 2023 Pre-filed bills here.

Clark County Council Changes
          Jackie Lane, FOCC Board Treasurer
In January 2023, the Clark County Council will welcome 2 new members with District 5’s new councilor already sworn in.

Sue Marshall District 5
Sue is a former Friends of Clark County board member and president, and we look forward to seeing her on the County Council.  This was vacated by Dick Rylander, who was appointed when Eileen Quiring-O’Brien moved out of the county.  Because Rylander was appointed, Sue took the seat right after the election was certified, allowing her to vote on the 2023 County budget and related taxes.

Glen Yung District 1 
Open when Temple Lentz chose not to run again.  Glen has been active in Vancouver city politics. 

Michelle Belkot District 2. Michelle has formerly run for Vancouver school board but to our knowledge has not held public office. 

We will watch closely to see what this new board does, especially with the Comprehensive Plan Update due in 2025.

County Council Policy Watch
       Jim Byrne, FOCC Board Member

Parks Recreation and Open Space (PROS) Planning
FOCC sent detailed comments to Clark County Public Works staff about our concerns over trails (Chelatchie Rails with Trails, East Fork Greenway and others) in a Feb. 21st, 2022 letter to Staff.  Although these comments were never answered, the entire letter was utilized in the final PROS Plan. Friends of Clark County is waiting at this point for Parks and Recreation to respond to our request for a meeting.

Of note is that there is a major omission in the final plan of Camp Bonneville.  In a 2015 version of the plan, there was a large emphasis on Camp Bonneville.  This is missing in the final version.  The County hopes to rely on Camp Bonneville filling up the gap in levels of service for parks.  It is over 3,840 acres.  County total parkland is 7,166 acres.

Friends of Clark County’s position is that it is disingenuous to rely upon Camp Bonneville to meet the level of service for parks.

Camp Bonneville is in the eastern portion of Clark Co. and far from the cities and centers of population.  It is undergoing a master planning process to eventually develop designated areas as a new regional park.” The Six Year Capital Improvement Plan provides funding of only $400,000 for only 3 of 6 years 2022- 2024.  This is highly unlikely to succeed. A citizens advisory group has yet to be seated. The park is still being cleaned of unexploded ordinance and hazardous wastes.  

Habitat-Wetlands Critical Areas Ordinances Update
The Dept. of Ecology and Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife are the recognized sources for Best Available Science (BAS) in the State.  FOCC feels that the County has disregarded the BAS for ephemeral and non-fish bearing streams with no back up science.  We continue to challenge them on the science they propose to justify the departure from BAS, by testifying at a recent Planning Commission meeting. Although no one spoke in favor of the changes to the ordinance, it was passed by a unanimous vote. 

179th Street
Due to community outcry at the last “open house” over the County’s lack of notification, the circulation plan has been deferred till the new year.  We question why lack of concurrency has never been even discussed.  (In 2019, staff estimated transport cost would be approximately $63M; now the estimate is $90M to $130M.)  We see developers continue to negatively impact NE and NW 179th Street and its shoulders and continue to question why these projects are allowed to continue.

Chelatchie Bluffs & SEPA DNS designations
FOCC appealed the County’s decision to issue a mining overlay on 330 acres of Forest land. A petition was filed in September with the Growth Hearings Board and is working its way through the litigation process. FOCC believes issuing a non-project DNS is not legal, nor appropriate.  Of course there are significant issues with land use changes and land moving.  There are 3 ESA listed salmon species spawning in the area and it serves as the main water source for Cedar Creek.

More mining overlays
We have just become aware of a new gravel pit on Cardai Hill (just east of Woodland) converting 97 forest acres to a mine.  Again, this is a DNS issued with a SEPA designation. FOCC has been working with the  neighbors by bringing expert hydrogeologists to the site and has submitted public comment (when we last looked, there were 95 pages of submitted comments from neighbors, HOAs, WSDOT, City of Woodland, etc.).  The Planning Commission work session was Dec 1st, the Planning Commission public hearing will be Dec 15th. 



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We envision a flourishing Clark County thriving with local farms, healthy forests, clean water, protected wildlife habitats and neighborhoods that are vibrant and diverse with parks and natural areas accessible to all. We cannot do it without you.

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