Action Alert: Save the Clark County Conservation District | Friends of Clark County in SW Washington
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Action Alert: Save the Clark County Conservation District

Action Alert: Save the Clark County Conservation District

Action Alert

Clark County Board of County Councilors will hold a public hearing at 10 am on Tuesday, Dec. 19th to consider the Conservation District’s proposed system of assessments.  The Hearing will be held on the 6th floor of the Public Service Center, 1300 Franklin Street, Vancouver

We need your help to save the Clark Conservation District.
Please consider taking action today by contacting your County Councilor in support of the Conservation District, which has served an integral role in helping to preserve Clark County’s quality of life.

Since 1946, CCD has been helping farmers with equipment and technical assistance to conserve natural resources, to protect water quality and to help farmers be more productive. The district has relied on modest funding from the state and over the years applied for state and federal grants to supplement their services more in Clark County. These grant sources are no longer available and the Conservation District is now faced with potential closure.

Anticipating the need, the District Board advanced a request to the County Council to implement rates and fees (approximately $5/lot/year) which would enable the Conservation District to keep its doors open and provide services in both urban and rural parts of Clark County. 15 other counties in the state support their Districts through a modest rate fee.


We all benefit from the Conservation District’s services that:

  • Support access to locally produced food with the provision of equipment and technical assistance to farmers.
  • Help landowners implement practices that improve and conserve water quality, restore streams and wetland, and enhance fish and wildlife habitat.
  • No other agency works directly with local property owners on a voluntary basis.
With the adoption of the $5/lot rate, the Conservation District can continue the services we have relied on for over 70 years and expand their services to the urban community – imagine neighborhood community gardens, installation of rain gardens to filter storm water runoff, urban fruit trees and backyard habitat programs.

The County Council needs to act on this rate/fee by the end of December to keep the Conservation District going. Please contact the Council and urge them to schedule a hearing for the $5 rate/fee and vote to support the Conservation District before December 19th hearing:

Mark Boldt, Council Chair

Jeanne Stewart

Julie Olson

John Blom

Eileen Quiring

Learn how the Clark Conservation District provides services that help conserve natural resources and keep the farm viable amid rapid development pressure.

Please take action today and contact the County Councilors with your support for the Clark Conservation District before the December 19th hearing.  We also to need to show our support during the hearing as well.  We hope you will attend.

Here is a sample letter you can use to show your support.

Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more updates and to engage on this very important issue.  Thank you for sharing and forwarding this email to others in your community who care about saving the Clark Conservation District.