Do We Have a Plan? | Friends of Clark County in SW Washington
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Do We Have a Plan?

Do We Have a Plan?

Imagine Clark County in 20 years. How is the traffic? How are the roads? Are there still nearby farms? Has the water quality of our rivers and lakes improved? Can you walk or ride your bike to a nearby park? Can you afford a place to live? Can your kids afford a place to live nearby? Do we all have fair opportunities to thrive?

Clark County and its cities are in the early stages preparing for a full review and update of their comprehensive plans, due in 2024/25. Several important components of that planning process have already begun, starting with an update of the Shoreline Management Master Program that protects rivers, lakes and wetland resources. There are also updates underway of the Parks and Trails Master Plan, an examination of housing needs within the unincorporated growth boundary of Vancouver, and deliberations underway to determine whether or not we have enough land for development in the next 20 years.

These topics and more will all be part of the next comprehensive plan that is guided by the state Growth Management Act which sets out 13 goals (RCW 36.70A.020) for local government and its residents to incorporate into an overarching plan. This planning process works well only to the degree that the public is informed and engaged in the process so that all voices are heard and considered.

Friends of Clark County needs your help to make this comp plan update meet the needs of our community. If you have an interest in parks, transportation, affordable housing, protection of farms, forest, fish and wildlife; please join us in participating in the update of the comprehensive land use plan over the next few years. As you can see, important decisions are being considered right now, join us.