Conservation District Backstory | Friends of Clark County in SW Washington
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Conservation District Backstory

Conservation District Backstory

Tell County Council to Support the Conservation District.


Following an outpouring of support at a public hearing held on Dec. 19th, the County Council determined that they need more information before deciding whether or not to support a modest $5/parcel/year fee to support the work of the District. In the next month, the Council will revisit this issue – now is the time to let the Council know you support the District’s system of rates and charges.


Since 1942, the Conservation District has served our community on a modest budget, augmented by grants that are no longer available to the District. The voluntary, non-regulatory services are provided to rural and urban landowners including technical assistance and support to implement best management practices on erosion control, agriculture, storm water and flooding, soil health, and habitat conservation.  The District works to conserve and protect the county’s natural resources is a tremendous value for the entire county.


Please let the County Council know you value and support the work of the Conservation District.

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