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Clear Cutting Scheduled

Clear Cutting Scheduled

Here is a note from an alert neighbor who lives near Moulton Falls, which is a spectacular area on the East Fork Lewis River, our “jewel of Clark County.”
” I have property near Moulton Falls Regional Park, Washington. It has just come to my attention that there will be a clear cut called the Michigan Trotter Clear Cut next to the Moulton Falls trail. This clear cut will be done on DNR land and is scheduled for January 2019. The Chelatchie Prairie Railroad will be going past this clear cut. Just to clarify I understand that the clear cuts in Washington State help fund many important programs, yet, this clear cut in my opinion is in the wrong place. The natural beauty of this area is enjoyed by hikers, bikers and train riders and I would hate to see this clear cut come to fruition. Tourism is a growing industry in Washington State and this area is a destination spot for many out of town guests.

I have attached a map of the proposed Michigan Trotter Clear Cut. The pink shaded area shows the extent of the proposed cut. As you will note there is a green triangle in the middle of the pink area. This triangle is owned by Clark County. There has been discussions between DNR and Clark County regarding trading the triangle for the property the Moulton Falls trail is on. Clark County pays DNR to use that land at this time. Even though Clark County would benefit from owning the trail I think the negative effects of the clear cut would far outweigh this trade.

We agree with her, and several people, including the Sierra Club are circulating a petition for people to sign to oppose this. You may write to these people to let them know you want this stopped.

Brian Poehlein
State Lands District Manager
Pacific Cascade Region
Washington State Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
PO Box 280, Castle Rock, WA 98611-0280.
360.577.2025 (office)
360.921.1813 (cell)

Office of the Commissioner of Public Lands
Hillary Franz, Commissioner
MS 47001
Olympia, WA 98504-7001

Make copies and send to both places.

We are unable to show the map but if you send us an email we will forward it to you. Thanks for your help.