Accomplishments Mean Everything | Friends of Clark County in SW Washington
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Accomplishments Mean Everything

Accomplishments Mean Everything

For over two decades Friends of Clark County has been striving to protect and enhance the quality of life in Clark County for all its residents. We have worked diligently to make Clark County an even better place to live, work, and raise a family by assuring that the county Comprehensive Plan not only protects our agricultural lands, forests, rivers, natural resources, and habits but is affordable and does not squander public dollars or trust.

Our busy schedules don’t generally allow for a retrospective, as we are always looking ahead to the next challenge.  At this moment, we feel it’s important to pause, take inventory and share on what we have actually accomplished. We are proud of these accomplishments. In the spirit of engaging your passion and interest, we hope you will become even more active in our movement.

Accomplishments Mean Everything

We envision a flourishing Clark County thriving with local farms, healthy forests, clean water, protected wildlife habitat, and neighborhoods that are vibrant and diverse with parks and natural areas accessible to all.

So far in 2017…

  • We successfully appealed the 2016 Rural Comp Plan resulting in the Growth Management Hearings Board supporting most of our issues.
  • In April, this success led to the County stopping any additional applications for AG-10 and FR-20, halting any further division of resource lands the Growth Management Hearing Board deemed out of compliance with the Growth Management Act.
  • We gained a major victory in preventing sprawl, protecting resource lands, as well as water and wildlife habitat when the County adopted an ordinance to return to the previous resource zoning of a minimum of 20 acres of agricultural lands and 40 acres of forest lands.
  • We successfully advocated for the County to establish an Agricultural Advisory Committee to support local agriculture.
  • We worked with Clark College on the Food Systems Summit held at the Fort Vancouver Regional Library Forum to promote the local food movement here in our region.


Organizationally, we have been making a lot of progress, thanks to a Bullitt Foundation grant awarded us to help us expand our mission in Clark County. These funds have made it possible to develop a three-year strategic plan and hire a professional marketing and development consultant to execute our outreach and communications initiatives.

And, in our re-imagining, we envision many of you joining us to create positive change for Clark County. We hope to hear from you soon. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter. Or drop us an email at

Our work depends on your support. Please consider making a donation today. Your contributions will help us reach more people. Together, we can make a difference to protect and enhance our quality of life.

Thank you for your continued support.