Friends of Clark County in SW Washington | FOCC
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Help us Protect our Precious Resources in Clark County through Conservation, Advocacy, and Education

We are at the precipice of great change here in this spectacular region where economic development must be balanced with conservation and smart growth. We need your support to keep Clark County flourishing by protecting our most valuable assets. Help us plant the seeds for responsible growth to protect our precious lands and resources now and for future generations.

Farmland & Forests

Preserving the heritage of our rich farmland and forests here in Clark County is critical to our mission at Friends of Clark County. Given the uncertain nature of our global circumstances, protecting an ample supply of prime farm and forest lands is of paramount importance.


A scenic vision of waterways in Clark County provide us with unending beauty, recreational opportunities, fish and wildlife habitat and sustenance. Water is essential to local farming. Clean and abundant water is vital for all.


Understanding the range of habitats that species depend on for their survival, Friends of Clark County believes we need to protect and restore those areas to ensure biological diversity in SW Washington.

Local Food

Local food provides many benefits. Developing a thriving, local food system in Clark County is essential in the wake of our uncertain global food economy. Friends of Clark County is educating people about the urgency of developing a resilient local food economy and supports local farmers and ranchers.

Housing & Transportation

Friends of Clark County advocates for creating connected communities by linking affordable housing developments with diverse public transportation options, meeting our growing population demands while protecting our resources and the environment.

Park & Trails

Exploring natural places provides renewal, feelings of well-being, and a sense of harmony with the broader community. In Clark County, the presence of protected natural areas within our urban fabric can serve to counter-balance the stress and strain of modern life.

Thriving in Clark County

Imagine all the possibilities! All you have to do is take a stroll along the waterfront, visit historic parks, hike up forest and mountain trails, kayak down the river, spend an afternoon picnicking in the park, shop at the local farmer’s market, bike along the twisty roads, garden with your kids, or simply be in nature enjoying the diversity of wildlife. Clark County is a spectacular place to live, work, play and raise a family. That’s why Friends of Clark County wants to ensure this legacy continues and flourishes. We live in a special place. Let’s protect it for future generations!

Local Farming

Imagine a booming, local food economy producing affordable and sustainable goods and services to be shared and enjoyed by all.

Fishing and Wildlife

Imagine a diversity of fish and wildlife habitats throughout the region prospering and thriving.

Bicycle Treks

Imagine plenty of safe bicycle lanes and paths for trekking through urban and rural settings.

Spectacular Hikes

Imagine our scenic wonderland full of forest, river and mountain trails, open spaces and city parks protected for future generations.

River Adventures

Imagine our rivers clean and flowing with abundant water giving life to plants and animals and unlimited recreational enjoyment to humans.

Smart Growth

Imagine flourishing communities with clean, green and affordable housing and transportation, good for the environment and the quality of life for all citizens.

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